Linton Gormley, Wenco Client Services

The importance of excellent employees

Well, we made it. 30 challenging, remarkable, adventurous, crazy years. We can’t really say we’re surprised we’ve lasted this long, though. That’s what happens when a company continues to innovate day after day. In light of this achievement, we [ … ]

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cloud computing

Can cloud computing work for mining?

Mines need more things to manage like a farmer needs a drought. Mine managers have to keep track of hundreds of workers. Million-dollar equipment. Fluctuating commodity markets. Productivity. Consumables. Maintenance. Safety. The list goes on. That’s why there’s so [ … ]

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What does V2X mean for mining?

Coming soon, we’re launching Wenco System 6 — a suite of updates to classic systems and a collection of new solutions, including the Fleet Awareness V2X collision avoidance system. Here, Dave Olsen – product manager in charge of high-precision [ … ]

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Most corporate training just involves someone talking at you; Wenco Learning aims to change all that.

Why most corporate training stinks

Earlier this month, Wenco released its latest mine performance solution, Wenco Learning. This online learning system was built in conjunction with corporate training consultants PRIME Learning. We sat down with their director of corporate development, Alanna Dean, to talk [ … ]

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