Wenco thrives on open connectivity. Our fleet management systems integrate with a wide range of other technologies used at mine sites. Fuel level sensors. Fluid meters. Tire pressure monitoring systems. Payload managers. Your Wenco system interfaces with these devices and others so all your solutions can work as one. And of course, we connect with OEM monitoring and control systems from major equipment manufacturers such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Liebherr, Terex, P&H, LeTourneau, and more.

External peripherals hook into the Wenco onboard computer and GPS. Status and events from these systems appear on the touchscreen, eliminating the need for more in-cab hardware. Other utilities integrate through the Wenco Data Exchange Service. This open API translates and shares data both ways between third-party tools and your Wenco system. Data then displays to operators, dispatchers, maintenance personnel, and managers as required. All the while, information stores in the Wenco database for access by reporting and analysis tools.

Partner interfaces do more than rid your cab of clutter. They turn your Wenco system into a data hub for all your mining technology. They enhance the connection between all your solutions, making each one more functional and flexible than running alone.

We are proud to offer interfaces to the following partner systems: