Real-Time Machine Health

Active Awareness of Machine Condition

As part of the core system Wenco provides real-time alarms and machine health information. With real-time notifications from payload, to engines, struts, and wheel motors, your maintenance department gains just as much from the core system as operations. By providing interfaces for major OEM health and load systems, Wenco has your fleet covered.

Generated alarms are sent directly to the appropriate personnel within the application or via email. Configured notifications can be sent directly to maintenance dispatchers, field supervisors, or maintenance superintendents and are viewable on smart phones and tablets.

Wenco Real-Time Alert Notifications

Wenco Alarm Events – Wenco’s OEM interface collects data from all available systems and provides configurable alerts and notifications for operators and mine staff.

The core system also allows the maintenance department to actively poll equipment for values on individually selected parameters. Select the equipment, parameters, length of time you want to monitor, the interval for retrieving data, and the system does the rest. The system collects the desired values, streams them onscreen and stores the information for future reporting.

What effect does your road network have on your equipment? Need proof that uneven benches are causing problems, or operators require additional training running equipment down ramps? Set up geographically triggered polling. Select a road segment and what parameters to gather as the equipment travels over that section. The Wenco system works with the machines to support the maintenance efforts.

Wenco Parameter Polling

Parameter Polling –  Geographically triggered polling allows mines to collect vehicle data at specific points around the mine to monitor trends and identify potential issues.

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