Our dispatching solutions get your mine equipment to the right location along the best routes available — automatically. With these tools, take the pressure off your personnel so they make the decisions that keep your haul cycle running its best.Wenco-Dynamic-Dispatching

These solutions help your operators, dispatchers, and supervisors respond to the ever-changing conditions at your mine. Send trucks to the shovel, dump, or fuel bay that best meets your production needs. Steer trucks around hurdles with GPS-directed, turn-by-turn navigation. Dispatch from anywhere in the pit using a laptop or tablet.

All these services run on Windows in an open architecture, so you always have control over your data. Scalable to the needs of your site, our dispatching solutions add data-driven flexibility to your operation so your production stays in flow.

Explore our services below to find the solution right for you.

Dynamic Dispatch
Automated Dispatching Service
Keep your trucks and shovels in sync with Dynamic Dispatch. Our dispatching service plugs into the Wencomine fleet management system to send your trucks exactly where they need to go — automatically.

Fuel Dispatch
Fuel Efficiency System
With Fuel Dispatch, get your haul trucks fueled as fast as possible. This add-on service gives you the speed and efficiency of our production dispatch service, tailored specifically for fueling.

Activity Dispatch
Tie-Down Dispatching Service
Reduce time spent on shift change, meal breaks, and blast delays with Activity Dispatch. Our application sends trucks to tie-down locations only as needed, increasing their time in production.

Mobile ST
Mobile Supervisor Terminal
Get out of the office and into the pit with Mobile ST, our mobile supervisor terminal. This solution lets you monitor and command your mine from a supervisor vehicle so you can make decisions on the move.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service
Steer your trucks along the best routes available with PitNav. Our turn-by-turn navigation tool directs drivers to their target locations, even in poor lighting or weather conditions.