Activity Dispatch

Manage your trucks’ tie-down assignments automatically

Reduce time spent on shift change, meal breaks, and blast delays with Activity Dispatch. Our application sends trucks to tie-down locations only as needed, increasing their time in production.

Activity Dispatch calculates the time and location a truck needs to park, then assigns it there — automatically. Our service uses your mine’s own data to find an appropriate tie-down location for your trucks as scheduled breaks approach. When shift change, meal breaks, or other pauses in production occur, Activity Dispatch directs trucks to arrive at these tie-down locations just in time, without wasting valuable uptime. Dispatchers can stagger breaks and set buffers as needed to limit equipment bunching on hectic sites. This service works for all trucks assigned to individual shovels, whether or not your mine uses Wenco’s Dynamic Dispatch.Trucks parked at tie-down location

Gaps in production occur several times a day at a mine site and they can easily run overtime. If every shift change, meal break, and blasting delay starts a few minutes early, hundreds of hours go to waste every year. Activity Dispatch makes sure that equipment operators start their breaks within a small time window and that they tie down at the best location available. In this way, idle times get shorter so production lasts longer. Meanwhile, dispatchers rest assured that all tie-downs happen automatically so they can focus on everything else they need to do.

Take back the time your mine wastes during tie-downs. Use Activity Dispatch to handle shift changes, meal breaks, blasting delays, and all the other events that interrupt your production.