Fuel Dispatch

Automate fuel dispatching to keep your trucks in production

Fuel Dispatch gets your mining equipment fueled as fast as possible.

With Fuel Dispatch, get your haul trucks fueled as fast as possible. This add-on service gives you the speed and efficiency of our production dispatch service, tailored specifically for fueling.

Fuel Dispatch can extend time between fueling over 30%.
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Fuel Dispatch determines when your trucks need fueling and sends them only when necessary. As a truck dumps its payload, our service polls its OEM fuel sensor to gauge its remaining fuel hours. (For trucks without fuel sensors, the service estimates fuel levels based on model and shift activities.) When trucks need fuel, Fuel Dispatch searches your mine to find the best fueling location for them — the one nearby, open, and available. Using the Wencomine fleet management system, dispatchers can set all aspects of the service, including target fuel levels, fueling locations, number of queue slots, operating hours, and more. Once configured, fueling schedules repeat daily with no attention needed from busy dispatchers. Adjustable locks and bars prevent trucks from fueling at far away stations. Alerts keep everyone informed about the status of fueling.Fuel Dispatch on computer

Monitoring fuel hours keeps your fueling delays to a minimum. With fewer interruptions, your trucks spend less time at the fuel station and more time on the road. Fuel Dispatch also shrinks travel and wait times when trucks do need fueling. Our service tracks your entire operation, dispatching trucks to stations with the least traffic congestion. In this way, trucks only go to locations that will fill them the fastest.

Automated fueling lets your staff focus on the mine’s most essential tasks. Fuel Dispatch takes your mind off fueling so you can keep it on production.