Mobile ST

Command your mining operation from anywhere in the pit

Get out of the office and into the pit with MobileST, our mobile supervisor terminal. This solution lets you monitor and command your mine from a supervisor vehicle so you can make decisions on the move.


MobileST runs on ruggedized touchscreens or laptops installed on light vehicles. The terminal draws on the Wenco database to give you the same information as Fleet Control, a core tool of our fleet management system. With this data, see your mine activity as it happens — through the windshield or on the screen. Change equipment assignments. Check unit details. Message operators. Track and view KPIs. Follow system events and alerts. In effect, run your mine on the go from an SUV or pickup. MobileST also does more than dispatch. Use it to poll the Wenco database for details of dig blocks and materials. Or, track your location and elevation as you travel through site with high-precision GNSS integration.

With MobileST, your operation gets flexible while you stay in control. Working in the pit, supervisors gain a hands-on understanding of your mining activities as they happen. When the situation changes, our terminal lets them respond and make adjustments immediately. This flexibility helps small mines and quarries run their operations without need of a dedicated dispatch office. For larger mines, the enhanced control of MobileST adds ground-level command to their full-scale fleet management solutions.

MobileST gives you the freedom to run your mine at its best — anywhere in the pit.