Navigate your trucks through site, turn by turn

Give your haul truck operators the advantage with PitNav, Wenco’s turn-by-turn mine navigation add-on.

Ideal for directing new drivers and keeping your haul truck on route in the dark or poor and changing weather conditions, PitNav displays turn-by-turn GPS navigation using route beacon, segment and zone location data direct from your mine plan.

PitNav turn-by-turn mine navigation guides haul truck operators as they travel through your mine

Your haul truck icon is drawn vertically and the map automatically rotates around it, keeping the vehicle heading straight up screen to provide your operator the ability to see where they are headed with ease.

Monitor dump counts, load status, material type, dump location, and speed all within the interface.

Large upcoming turn indicators and configurable distance-to-turn displays ensure you steer clear of mine hazards and take the proper route.

The system will automatically highlight the best route between two locations and will automatically calculate an alternate route for any haul truck that has gone off-route.

Auto-switching between MDT screens when certain events or geographical positions are reached is enabled, reducing or eliminating the need for the operator to control what display screens are shown while driving.