Fleet Management

Fleet management lies at the core of Wenco. Our flagship systems provide comprehensive management of your mine’s activities to help your whole operation work better.Wencomine Fleet Management Systems

Specialized software running on rugged hardware gives your operators, supervisors, maintenance, and management real-time awareness and control of your mining equipment. Track production details. Monitor equipment health. Communicate with ease. Dispatch with confidence. See in-depth reports of your mine’s own data, so you can make the changes necessary to optimize your operation.

Our fleet management systems run on Windows in an open architecture, so you always have control over your data. Scalable to the needs of your mine, Wenco fleet management gives you the power and versatility needed to lower your operating costs, spend more time producing, and get more out of your mine.

Explore the systems below to find the solution right for you.

Fleet Management System
Wencomine makes your mine perform its best. Our flagship suite of tools combines hardware and software that streamline your operation to improve production and cut wasted time.

Lite Fleet Management System
Wencolite has everything that small mines and quarries need to improve their operations. This lightweight fleet management system focuses on the core tools required to monitor production, increase safety, and improve your haul cycle.