A complete suite of tools to help your mine produce more and cost less

The Wencomine fleet management system makes your mine run its best. Our flagship product includes hardware and software solutions that help you produce more material in less time with lower operating costs.

Wencomine fleet management system helps the mining industry produce more in less time, with lower operating costs

The system’s seven core tools draw on your mine’s own data to give you superior command over your operation. Send assignments to operators in an easy-to-use Windows environment. Click a real-time map to change roads and add detours. Access OEM data to track machine health and performance. Communicate with vehicles. Check work details at a glance. Stay aware with immediate alerts. Track KPIs with custom reports. Gather data from every area of your mine. Use that data any way you need, knowing you can always access your system’s open database.

Wencomine adds value to every department of your operation. Dispatchers gain the knowledge needed to direct equipment with confidence. Operators simply follow onscreen instructions to work at peak efficiency. Maintenance staff can plan equipment upkeep to reduce downtime and avoid unexpected repairs. Managers can take action based on data, making smart decisions that benefit the mine as a whole.

For any size mine and any make of equipment, the Wencomine fleet management system keeps your entire operation working together on the same goal — getting more out of your mine.

Fleet Control
Control all equipment with a simple drag-and-drop tool. Fleet Control gives dispatchers command over equipment as it runs through its tasks. Three distinct views show real-time activity of your haul cycle, including details of cycle times, payloads, locations, assignments, and more. This tool empowers dispatchers to make data-driven decisions that raise production to its peak.
Wencomine fleet management system – Fleet Control screenshot
See the entire mine’s fleet in one place. MineVision offers a real-time map of your whole operation, highlighting equipment location and activity. Dispatchers point and click to adjust haul roads, set detours, review equipment interactions, and more. Any changes sync throughout Wencomine to keep your staff and equipment working from the same graphical database.
Wencomine fleet management system – MineVision screenshot
Onboard Insight
Onboard Insight taps into equipment’s OEM sensors to collect details about machine health.
As equipment conducts its tasks, maintenance personnel receive updates about units’ condition and performance. Polls run on demand or at set locations, gathering data from machines’ OEM systems. Customizable alerts keep your crew aware when issues occur, pointing out areas for improvement.
Wencomine fleet management system – Onboard Insight screenshot
The Mobile Data Terminal shows operators the information they need at a glance. Machine status, current assignments, load tracking, and other details appear on the onboard touchscreen. Messaging between equipment and office keeps communication active, but distraction low. Screens can also display additional features, including pre-start checklists, fueling data, shift KPIs, speed limits, and more.
 Wencomine fleet management system – MDT screenshot
Event Monitor
Stay on top of activity with real-time alerts. Event Monitor notifies staff as issues occur involving vehicles, operations, or Wenco systems. Priority levels range from log only to full-scale warnings, keeping the most vital information in front. Link custom alerts to your most essential KPIs. E-mail functions alert support staff, mechanics, IT, and shift supervisors of situations that need their specific attention.
Wencomine fleet management system – Event Monitor screenshot
Keep your data secure and accessible with WencoDB. This open architecture SQL database stores all information collected by the Wencomine system. Import and export files into Excel, HTML, CSV, or other formats. Sort and filter entries using built-in database inquiries. WencoDB gives users industry-leading control over their data.
Wencomine fleet management system – WencoDB screenshot
Wenco Reporting
Turn raw data into actionable data with Wenco Reporting, our suite of reporting tools. Web-based dashboards show real-time data to highlight relationships among your mine’s KPIs. Historical reports track that data to clarify how it changes over time. System Health applies the same functions to the Wenco system itself. Together, these tools add context to your data so you can make smart decisions for your operation.
Wencomine fleet management system – Wenco Reporting screenshot