Control your small mine or quarry with tailored fleet management

Wencolite has everything your small mine or quarry needs to streamline its operations. This economical fleet management system focuses on the core tools required to monitor production and improve your haul cycle.

Our system makes your mine’s daily work more flexible. With the onboard terminal, change job assignments on the fly from any supervisor workstation or loading unit. See the location of all mine equipment at a glance on a real-time map. Check the activity and delay status of shovels, trucks, drills, dozers, and other machinery. Message units to stay on top of production. Track KPIs as they happen or review them later as in-depth reports. Keep your operation on task — from an office or a supervisor vehicle.

Wencolite fleet management system helps small mines and quarries improve production.Wencolite tracks your load count, truck cycles, and delay times so you understand your operation to the data point. That information lets you make decisions to increase your equipment’s uptime and output. Our reporting tool helps clarify your KPIs, showing areas of your operation that need more attention. All data collected by the system buffers onboard, so nothing gets lost when vehicles move out of network range. Data then uploads to the Wenco database wirelessly over 802.11 WiFi or 3G. All the while, staff stay connected through onboard terminals so they always understand their priorities.

With Wencolite, your small mine or quarry has the tools to operate at peak efficiency. Stay informed and stay agile with a system that works in even the harshest environment.