Not all our systems focus on the pit. Our intelligence solutions bring Wenco technology into the office. These tools and services give decision-makers the knowledge needed to raise performance — mine-wide.

Like everything from Wenco, these solutions collect, analyze, and add context to your mine’s data. But, our intelligence solutions do it at the highest level.

They upgrade your team’s skills with mining technology. They tune up your operation so it performs at optimum. They uncover opportunities for improvement that have dragged down performance for years. Then, they empower you to make changes that can bring your mine better results than ever before.

Simple to implement, these solutions give you the power to take a proactive approach to mining and produce unrivaled performance for years to come.

Explore our solutions below to get started.

Intelligence Suite for Mining
Discover the answers hidden in your data with Avoca. Our mining analytics suite provides the data storage and exploration power of business intelligence, tailored to the needs of mining.

Performance Auditing
Solution Optimization Services
Keep your Wenco systems working their best with Performance Auditing. This service evaluates your current Wenco setup to ensure it achieves top results.

Wenco Learning
Interactive Training Programs
Empower your staff to use Wenco solutions to their fullest. Wenco Learning offers e-learning courses and face-to-face workshops that train personnel to command their systems with confidence.