Explore your mining data to track trends and find answers

Discover the answers hidden in your data with Avoca. Our mining analytics suite provides the data storage and exploration power of business intelligence, tailored to the needs of mining.

Avoca features interactive panels that highlight your mine’s KPIs and their relationships. To populate it, the system draws on the Wenco Data Warehouse. This OLAP database imports, validates, and stores massive amounts of mining data for rapid and flexible access. Using this data, Avoca produces maps, charts, and other visualizations to help you answer questions about your operation. Which shovels regularly miss payload targets? Why do some units take longer when spotting than others? What makes certain haul routes prone to collision? Click and drag these visualizations to probe each data point for more information – without writing SQL or exporting files to other systems.Avoca business intelligence on desktop computer

The knowledge available through mining analytics strips away any barriers to understanding your mine. Investigate KPIs and their trends over your mine’s total lifespan. Explore truck speeds, shovel payloads, personnel competencies, or other metrics. Uncover the root causes of issues dogging your operation. Find proof to support decisions, without the extra configuration needed to make other systems work for mining.

The answers you need to make smart decisions lie in your mining data. Avoca brings them to the surface.

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