Performance Auditing

Configure your Wenco solutions to achieve the specific goals of your mine

Shape your Wenco solutions to your mine through Performance Auditing. This service configures your Wenco systems so they deliver the best results for your operation.
Performance Auditing configures your Wenco solutions so they deliver the best results for your operation.

Performance Auditing begins with an investigation. Our specialists work with your mine personnel to determine the goals for your suite of Wenco solutions. Then, we examine your system configuration and make adjustments so its settings match your operating requirements. When every aspect of your system works in concert, we assess your overall technology to identify gaps and suggest improvements that drive stronger outcomes. While Performance Auditing can occur remotely, sites with tougher challenges may benefit from on-site analysis. During site visits, our experts collect data through hands-on methods that help tailor our solutions more specifically to your mine’s issues.

With Performance Auditing, you know your Wenco solutions return the best results available. Each component, service, process, and parameter of the Wenco system works together to let you achieve your goals. Maximize production. Control ore grade. Reduce delays and downtime. Increase operator safety. No matter your objective, Performance Auditing gets your Wenco system working at optimum to make it a reality.

On demand or as part of a premium support package, Performance Auditing brings your Wenco solutions in line with your goals so you always use them to greatest effect.