Wenco Learning

Build worker skills through our interactive training programs

Empower your staff to use Wenco solutions to their fullest. Wenco Learning trains your mining personnel to command their systems with confidence.
Wenco Learning online training modules help your mining personnel command their systems with confidence.

Our suite of training programs offers two ways for clients to expand their understanding of Wenco systems and services. The online learning system at WencoLearning.com provides a self-directed approach to let Wenco users progress at their own pace. These courses use proven methodologies and the latest advances in adult education to build worker knowledge and skills. Course modules include text, video, simulations, and interactive tasks so instruction always stays clear and effective. Along with e-learning tools, we also offer face-to-face workshops so our Wenco experts can tailor training to the issues affecting your mine.

Well-trained workers let your mine make the most of its technology. Through Wenco Learning, dispatchers learn to use our systems so haul cycles run more effectively. Operators understand our how our tools help them navigate along the most efficient routes. IT staff gain insight into system architecture so they can improve processes behind the scenes. Managers rest assured their staff have the skills to increase production, boost safety, and lower operating costs.

Choose from our range of courses or contact us to design a learning package for your operation. With Wenco Learning, get more from your solution so your solution gets more out of your mine.