Machine Guidance

Machine guidance adds high-precision control to your drills, shovels, dozers, scrapers, and graders. These solutions let you position mining equipment within centimetres of design — with or without a fleet management system.Shovel - Close Up - Digging

High-precision GPS+GLONASS satellite navigation gives operators the power to place their booms, buckets, and blades at the exact location required. Position and elevation guidelines lie over real-time views of the site to keep all work as close to plan as possible. Cut and fill to accurate depths. Remove just the material needed. Reduce reliance on time-consuming surveys. Take the guesswork out of earthmoving and contouring at your mine.

Our machine guidance systems run on Windows in an open architecture, so you always have control over your data. Scalable to the needs of your mine, Wenco machine guidance gives you greater control over your equipment to help improve grade, maintain even surfaces, and make your operation run smoothly.

Explore our systems below to find a solution right for you.

Drill Navigation
Drill Guidance System
Drill Navigation keeps your drilling and blasting in line with mine plans. With high-precision guidance, create angled or vertical shafts at the right depth and location every time.

Machine Guidance System
Our BenchManager machine guidance system gives you centimetre-level accuracy for all your drilling, digging, and dozing.

Wencolite High-Precision
Standalone Machine Guidance Systems
Our line of Wencolite High-Precision puts your mine’s material in its place. These standalone machine guidance systems give you high-precision control over your equipment — without a fleet management system.

Arm Geometry System
Precision Bucket Positioning
Place your shovel teeth within centimetres of design using the Arm Geometry System. This add-on tool boosts the accuracy of our machine guidance systems to give you the greatest precision available.