Arm Geometry System

Move your shovel or backhoe bucket within 30 cm of design

Place your shovel teeth within centimetres of design using the Arm Geometry System. This add-on tool boosts the accuracy of our machine guidance systems to give you the greatest precision available.

The Arm Geometry System adds sensors to shovel booms, sticks, and buckets for increased accuracy.

Hydraulic shovels or backhoes with the Arm Geometry System receive additional sensors at four points along the unit — the cab, the boom, the stick, and the bucket. These sensors work in concert to calculate the 3D spatial position of the unit’s bucket teeth. Using known information about the GPS location and arm position, the Arm Geometry System can pinpoint the bucket location within 30 centimetres. To use this enhanced precision to its fullest, units with the Arm Geometry System see an extra profile view on their onboard screens. This view lets operators easily guide their buckets to the precise location and elevation required.

With the Arm Geometry System, focus even more closely on your important resources. Arm Geometry System motion sensor installed on excavatorWork with small dig blocks in narrow crevices. Dig the right material to maintain your ore grade. Build ramps at the correct elevation and slope. Maintain pit wall stability by excavating with precision. Reconcile your dig blocks with confidence, knowing your cut/fill data is accurate. Stay on target by staying aware of the exact material you move.

The Arm Geometry System works with either our BenchManager integrated machine guidance or our standalone Survey Excavator systems. Using either solution, the Arm Geometry System gets your buckets where they need to be.