Our BenchManager machine guidance system gives you centimetre-level accuracy for all your digging, contouring, and data collection.

BenchManager uses high-precision satellite navigation to keep your equipment on target. Units with BenchManager see their location in real time with plan, profile, or cross-section views of the mine site. Onboard screens show vital work details that operators use to do their jobs better — dig block coordinates, cut/fill requirements, elevation markers, and other indicators. These guidance features maintain accuracy within centimetres of actual surfaces, ensuring that any work happens as close to plans as possible. BenchManager also syncs with office applications and the Wencomine fleet management system to track changes to the mine as they occur.

BenchManager machine guidance system helps mines dig, contour, and collect data with greater accuracy.

High-precision guidance lets you use your mining equipment to its fullest. It lets shovels place their buckets in precise locations to deliver the right material blends. It lets dozers follow every detail of their cut/fill requirements so benches and stockpiles meet specifications. It lets light vehicles track activity as it happens, updating measurements as topography changes. It lets all operators avoid hazardous areas and continue their activities with care, even in poor lighting and weather conditions.

With greater machine accuracy, mine operations can develop according to plan — productive, efficient, and safe.

Our system gives loading units a real-time view of dig blocks, ore boundaries, toe and crest zones, and mined-out areas throughout site. With this information, operators can focus on productive areas and avoid waste material as needed. BenchManager auto-reconciles with the Wencomine fleet management system, maintaining up-to-date figures on material blends. Hydraulic shovels gain even more accuracy with the add-on Arm Geometry System. This system uses position sensors placed on the cab, boom, stick, and bucket to measure digging with centimetre-level accuracy. It lets shovels target small dig blocks, perform selective mining, and work in the manner needed at each unique site.
 BenchManager machine guidance screenshot for shovel, backhoe, or excavator
High-precision elevation control is a hallmark of BenchManager. Our system uses GNSS to detect your equipment’s position within centimetres of design elevation. Onboard screens display this information over cut/fill designs to guide operators as they contour benches, roads, and other mine features without the need for grade stakes. These guides keep dozers and graders on target, ensuring smooth, even surfaces that reduce wear and tear on all equipment.
BenchManager machine guidance screenshot for dozer
Scrapers use BenchManager to gather high-precision data through their loading and hauling cycles. While units are loading, our system shows their cut/fill requirements to let operators extract the correct amount of surface material. When the blade is disengaged, BenchManager collects units’ geodata as they run through the haul cycle. These data update the Wencomine fleet management system on units’ status and carry distances to highlight areas of improvement at the mine site.
 BenchManager machine guidance screenshot for scraper
BenchManager gives light vehicles the data to keep mine activity on target. Supervisors collect high-precision data about a site’s surface and elevation while on the move. This information records to the Wenco database as work happens, so all designs stay accurate and up to date. Light vehicles using high-precision machine guidance can confirm the topography of benches so that work starts right — without time-consuming surveys and staking.
 BenchManager machine guidance screenshot for light vehicle