Drill Navigation

Drill to target without surveying and marking

Drill Navigation keeps your drilling and blasting in line with mine plans. With high-precision drill rig guidance, create angled or vertical holes at the right depth and location every time.

Our system uses GPS+GLONASS satellite navigation to guide rigs into position. Once the rig locks in place, Drill Navigation corrects for leveling and collar depth so drilling always starts from the right elevation. The onboard touchscreen shows progress as it happens, with details of current depth, target depth, time remaining, and other key data. Operators can use this information to adjust their drills with precision to one-tenth of a degree. Tagging options let them make notes while drilling to keep everyone informed about material depths.

Drill Navigation drill rig guidance system helps your mine drill with greater accuracy.
Along with the original design, Drill Navigation records the as-drilled pattern in the onboard computer. Load the up-to-date files into office software to keep your mine plans current. From there, engineers can also view 3D patterns that show the changing rates of penetration while drilling. This information lets you adapt blast plans to the geological features on site.

Drill Navigation changes the way you drill. By following patterns direct from your software, you no longer depend on time-consuming surveys and drill marking. High-precision drill rig guidance makes your drilling happen exactly as intended. With precise holes, blasting occurs in only the most effective way possible. Accurate guidance also lets you work more safely with fewer people on the bench, even in poor lighting and weather conditions.

Standalone or integrated with one of Wenco’s fleet management systems, Drill Navigation helps you drill and blast better — more efficient, more productive, more alert.