Wencolite High-Precision

Guiding mining equipment with high-precision accuracy

Wencolite High-Precision puts your mine’s material in its place. These standalone machine guidance systems give you high-precision control over your equipment — without a fleet management system.

Using GPS+GLONASS satellite navigation, our solutions guide your equipment as it reshapes your mine. Onboard touchscreens show dozers, shovels, loaders, scrapers, and graders their location and elevation in real time. High-precision guidelines lay over this view to let your operators cut and fill within centimetres of plan. Staff can follow these markers to craft the precise features required. Or, they can create ramps and pads on the fly by setting the details and following the onscreen directions. The system records the as-built surface, so designs always stay in sync with topography. As work goes on, production reports keep you informed about volumes, haul distances, cycles, rehandle, and other KPIs. All these features let your equipment work with precision longer, free from time-consuming surveys and pegmarking.

Wencolite High-Precision gives mines total control over equipment, without a fleet management system.

Machine guidance makes your mining activities go according to plan. High-precision control keeps your digging, dozing, tramming, and contouring exact so the right material always goes to the right place. Benches at the right elevation ensure that your equipment cuts and fills to target. Accurate guidelines let your operators do their jobs right the first time, even in poor lighting and weather conditions. Smooth and even surfaces decrease wear and tear on all equipment across the entire site.

Wencolite High-Precision uses industry-standard files in an open architecture that scales to any size mine. Keep your equipment on task, your operation on target, and your data in your hands — even without full fleet management.

Wencolite Excavator
Dig with precision, without an IT network. Wencolite Excavator keeps your cutting, filling, and loading on target. Our excavator system also includes the Arm Geometry System, which uses motion sensors to position buckets with even greater accuracy.
 Wencolite High-Precision machine guidance system for shovels, backhoes, and excavators
Wencolite Dozer
Our Wencolite Dozer system lets your equipment cut and fill every bench, road, and ramp with centimetre-level precision. Whether building roads or managing stockpiles, machine guidance keeps your activities on target. This system also includes optional ripper sensors to aid in ground-breaking.
Wencolite High-Precision machine guidance system for dozers
Wencolite Scraper
Keep earthmoving accurate with Wencolite Scraper. This system lets operators position their scrapers’ hoppers at precise depths for maximum control when cutting and spreading. Move overburden, reroute roads, or collect material right, faster than dozers or loaders.
Wencolite High-Precision machine guidance system for scrapers
Wencolite Loader
Loaders perform lots of tasks and Wencolite Loader helps them do each one with greater precision. Cut and fill to target. Correct blends with less rework. Keep digging and tramming exact so the right material always goes from dig block to dump to crusher.
 Wencolite High-Precision machine guidance system for loaders
Wencolite Grader
Refine your mine’s terrain with Wencolite Grader. This system helps clean up the rough contouring started by other equipment, so your whole operation runs smoother. Even ground means less wear and tear on roads, benches, and costly mining equipment.
 Wencolite High-Precision machine guidance system for graders
Wencolite LV
Wencolite LV ensures your earthmoving stays on the level. Our light vehicle solution logs survey points as you travel through site, checking slope and elevation against surface designs. With this solution, confirm the accuracy of roads and benches faster than manual surveying.
 Wencolite High-Precision machine guidance system for light vehicles