When mining equipment goes down, production and profits go down with it. Our maintenance solutions let you keep an eye on equipment so you can plan upkeep before a catastrophe grinds your operation to a halt.Mining Antenna Array

These tools record details of machine health and repair progress to help your maintenance crew do their jobs better. Track the condition of machine components. Monitor wear and tear. Analyze trends in asset health. Follow ongoing repair actions. Manage inventory as it moves from storage into production. Understand downtime so you can make the most of your uptime.

Our maintenance solutions run on Windows in an open architecture, so you always have control over your data. Scalable to the needs of your mine, these systems provide the information needed to keep equipment in production, not in the shop.

Explore the systems below to find the solution right for you.

Asset Health Management System
ReadyLine shines a light on the health of your mining equipment. Our asset health management system gives you advanced understanding of your fleet’s condition so you can stop problems before they start.

Maintenance Monitor
Downtime Tracking System
Stay up-to-date on down equipment with Maintenance Monitor. Our software lets you track all maintenance at the mine, keeping everyone in the loop from the first alert to the final status check.

Tire Management System
Make your tires last longer with TireMax. This web application lets you manage and monitor your tires so you can use them to their fullest.