Maintenance Monitor

Record details of ongoing repairs to keep all staff in the loop

Maintenance Monitor lets you track all maintenance at the mine, keeping everyone aware from the first alert to the final status check

Stay up-to-date on down equipment with Maintenance Monitor. Our software lets you track all maintenance activities at the mine, keeping everyone in the loop from the first alert to the final status check.

The moment any equipment enters a down status, Maintenance Monitor creates a new event on its real-time down display. Then, crew members edit the details to keep themselves, supervisors, and management aware of any repair progress. See the current status, failure cause, affected components, expected duration, and more for each unit undergoing maintenance. Set filters and permissions to show only the information most useful to each user. Follow all equipment, events, and actions currently underway in one easy-to-use program. Plus, Maintenance Monitor includes an inventory system to keep track of machine parts as they move out of storage bays and into commission.

When equipment goes down, millions of dollars are on the line. Maintenance Monitor lets everyone know what’s happening, when it’s happening. It tells maintenance crew which tasks they need to complete. It shows shift supervisors what time equipment will be ready for new assignments. It lets mine managers know the biggest maintenance issues affecting the bottom line. Customizable for your operation’s needs, Maintenance Monitor keeps teams working together until down equipment is back in order.

Maintenance Monitor gives mines the tool they need to make tracking repairs and upkeep as easy and effective as turning a wrench.