Monitor equipment health with advanced real-time data

ReadyLine mining asset health management system shows your fleet’s condition so you can stop problems before they start. Learn more here.

ReadyLine shines a light on the health of your mining equipment. Our mining asset health management system gives you advanced understanding of your fleet’s condition so you can stop problems before they start.

The system draws data from your equipment’s OEM sensors to show you the full picture of each monitored component. Watch your equipment’s condition in real time as details stream over your wireless network. Spot trends in asset health by viewing historical data. Measure any movement or action tracked by an OEM sensor. While this level of monitoring generates a wealth of data, ReadyLine avoids clogging your network. Our design ensures you can track your fleet’s most important parameters without tying up your IT infrastructure.

Managing mining asset health helps rid your mine of unwelcome and costly surprises. With ReadyLine, you can prevent minor issues from becoming major failures. You see which parts need maintenance, so equipment only heads to the shop when necessary. You understand your mine’s maintenance trends so you can set proactive plans and policies. ReadyLine helps predict your fleet’s downtime so you make the most of its uptime. Through condition-based maintenance, your equipment works better so it stays in production longer.

ReadyLine strips away the guesswork of your machine maintenance so your mine runs as it should — according to plan.