Analytics to drive decision-making, as Whitehaven selects Avoca Intelligence Suite

December 21, 2016

RICHMOND, BC, CANADA (December 21, 2016) — Wenco is pleased to announce that our Avoca Intelligence Suite has been selected for use as the business intelligence system at Whitehaven's Maules Creek coal mine in New South Wales, Australia.

Maules Creek chose Avoca Intelligence Suite due to the maturity of the solution "out of the box." The prebuilt visualizations and dashboards that come with Avoca enable quick identification of operational anomalies and trends. As well, the solution is backed by a dedicated support network of Hitachi Big Data specialists.

With numerous analytics tools available on the market, Avoca stands out as a mining-centric analytics solution. It allows mine personnel to quickly and accurately draw together data to make decisions that can improve mine performance on a daily basis. Avoca enables sites to collect and compare multi-operation data via the included Wenco Data Warehouse. It also lets them quickly identify trends and inconsistencies between operations, equipment, operator behaviour, and other key performance indicators.

Avoca visualization

"We're very excited to have our first Avoca customer here in Australia with Whitehaven's Maules Creek mine site," said Jayson Bebek, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia national fleet management system manager. "We are also looking forward to increasing the number of customers using the Avoca Intelligence Suite because, as the number of users grow, they will be able to draw on each other's experiences in solving operational inefficiencies through the Avoca Community."

Wenco and Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia are looking forward to continued success through 2016, providing fleet management and mining technology throughout Oceania.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) is the exclusive distributor of Wenco International Mining Systems' (Wenco) fleet management solutions in Oceania. HCA has a dedicated team of professional mining technologists to service and support the growing Wenco user group in the region. From stand-alone systems to suit dozers, excavators and drills and scalable fleet management systems for mining operations of all sizes, HCA and Wenco have a solution to help get more out of your mine.

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