Our latest white paper on business intelligence and mining — now available

March 23, 2017

Business Intelligence and Mining

RICHMOND, BC, CANADA (March 23, 2017) — Has your mine struggled to get its business intelligence platforms up and running?

We thought so. For years, we've been hearing complaints whenever mines try to shoehorn a generic BI system into their operation. (It's actually part of the reason we built our Avoca Intelligence Suite just for the mining industry.)

Tons of issues can crop up when mines try to make an off-the-shelf BI tool work for them. Clunky system architectures, poor data handling, and confusing user interfaces all block mines from getting the real value of their systems.

But, there are ways to address those problems. Many people in the industry just aren't aware of them.

That's why our BI experts put together our latest white paper, Business Intelligence and Mining: Implementation Issues and Propositions to Address Them.

This paper details the main reasons why mining operations fail to make BI a valuable part of their workflow. Then, it sets out recommendations for a platform that fixes those issues. Inside, you'll find out:

  • How the rise of Big Data in the 21st century fundamentally changed mining
  • How mines still struggle to put that data to use
  • Why most BI systems don't handle mining data well
  • Why Excel just doesn't cut it for mining analytics
  • What a turnkey intelligence platform can do for a mining operation
  • Why a point-and-click interface isn't a nicety, but a necessity
  • How a data warehouse transforms reporting into real, actionable analytics

"It's a real shame that mines haven't integrated BI into their operations as well as other industries," said Ed Robinson, senior analytics architect at Wenco. "With the suggestions in this white paper, we're hoping some mines can get over the biggest implementation hurdles and do their analysis a bit better."

For more information about Avoca Intelligence Suite or Wenco's ongoing R&D projects, contact us at info@wencomine.com or 604.270.8277.

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