Wenco releases Avoca Intelligence Suite for Mining

April 4, 2016

RICHMOND, BC, CANADA (April 4, 2016) — The data analysis power of business intelligence comes to the mining industry with the newest solution from Wenco — Avoca Intelligence Suite.

Our analytics package helps mines understand more about their operation through interactive visualizations that make raw numbers meaningful. Through Avoca, mines can explore the wealth of data gathered on site to discover insights and track trends in productivity, operator performance, safety, and countless other KPIs.

Avoca draws on data generated by the Wencomine fleet management system and stored in the Wenco Data Warehouse — an OLAP database designed specifically for analytics. This configuration allows mines to examine a much broader and deeper pool of data than conventional reporting, while also moving through it with greater ease.

Avoca business intelligence on desktop computer

Visualizations load via the Avoca Visualization Suite, a user-friendly application that runs on a platform from business intelligence leader Tableau Software. Together with the Wenco Data Warehouse, this system allows mine managers and other personnel to interact with decades' worth of maps, charts, graphs, and other views of mining data like never before.

Most mines generate enormous amounts of data through their various IT solutions — high-precision machine guidance, asset health monitoring tools, fleet management systems, and more. But, that data can often sit idle without a clear way to access and make sense of it. Avoca makes exploring that data possible with its intuitive data views.

As well, the system focuses on interactivity. While conventional reporting involves static charts, Avoca's dynamic visualizations let users navigate their data and manipulate it to uncover relationships among discrete points of interest.

"We're excited to offer a tool that's as powerful as Avoca that's really built specifically for mining," said David Noble, Wenco director of product development. "For so long, so many business intelligence systems never really cut it for our industry.

"Meanwhile, we've had all these tools building up that bounty of data for our clients. So, it's great to put forward a solution that ties it all together so miners can really put that data to work."

Already, mines are finding answers to questions about their operation through Avoca. In particular, popular workbooks such as Equipment 360 are informing mine managers about why certain trucks take longer to fuel than others, why some shovels dig quickly and others slowly, and what root causes underlie equipment that outperforms the rest of the fleet.

To find out more about Avoca Intelligence Suite, contact us at info@wencomine.com or 604.270.8277.

About Wenco International Mining Systems

For over 30 years, Wenco International Mining Systems has worked with mining companies to extract unrealized value. Under this mission, Wenco has developed an integrated suite of solutions to support the digital transformation of the mining industry. Fleet management, asset health, data analytics, and other technologies join together in the spirit of open interoperability to raise mine productivity and efficiency, lower routine costs, and establish a safe and smooth mining operation. 

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