Track performance and identify root causes with ease.

In just a few clicks, you get the answers and insight you need to make the right decisions for stronger mine performance. Explore mine data, track performance, forecast performance and trends, and even drill down to identify root causes with ease.

All Your Data Under One Roof

It’s always been tricky to make mining data work together. But with Avoca, you can examine any of your data points with the click of a mouse. Explore years of information from any mining system, highlighting trends and patterns until you arrive at “A-ha!”

For Miners, By Miners

While other analytics systems struggle with mining data, Avoca works specifically with information that means the most to miners. Plot 100,000 GPS points at once without feeling the slightest drop in performance. Manipulate your data any way you choose and never worry about it disappearing for good.

Insights Beyond The Pit

Mining doesn’t stop at the crusher. Avoca extends the reach of site data, giving companies access to the transformative powers of cloud IoT platforms like Hitachi’s Lumada. Now, key stakeholders can track performance across multiple mines and make decisions for efficiency on a global scale.

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Whitepaper: Business Intelligence in Mining

Business Intelligence and Mining: Implementation Issues and Propositions to Address Them

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