Reshape uneven roads — without surveying or grade staking

BenchManager Grader gives you the power to even out terrain to design — without any time-consuming surveys. The system works interoperably with your design software, so graders can always cut and fill to your planned coordinates. These features produce smooth roads and benches faster (and more accurately than manual methods).

Precise Control for Precise Contours

Rough roads slow hauling and drag down productivity. BenchManager Grader smooths out your surfaces by placing every blade within centimetres of plan. High-precision GNSS keeps your graders on target, so your roads inflict less wear and tear on equipment.

Faster than Manual Surveys

Surveying and grade staking can erase hours of productive time. BenchManager Grader empowers your units to refine your mine terrain to design — without all that effort. Designs appear on the onboard touchscreen, which makes reshaping roads and benches fast and simple.

Integrated Data for Smarter Analysis

BenchManager Grader stores real-time cycle, rehandle, push volume, and other data in your Wenco database. Every application in the Wenco Mine Performance Suite can then access this information for reporting, planning, and analysis on a whole new level.

Read our brochure to find out more about our high-precision grader guidance and how it can improve the accuracy of roads and benches at your operation.

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