Reshape roads. Build ramps. Contour benches. All without surveying.

BenchManager Dozer ensures your mine matches your designs — even without time-consuming surveys or grade staking. The system loads files directly from your mine planning software, so it knows the coordinates needed for your next road, bench, or ramp. High-precision GNSS then guides your equipment along the path to create perfect contours every time.

Smooth Roads for Smooth Hauling

Rough haul roads drag down productivity. BenchManager Dozer smooths them out by ensuring every cut and fill stays within centimetres of design. High-precision satellite guidance keeps your machines accurate, for a polished operation (with less wear and tear on equipment).

Goodbye, Surveying

Lengthy surveys and grade staking can waste hours of productive time. BenchManager Dozer gives operators the power to cut and fill to design — without all the fuss. Files loaded directly into the system appear on the onboard touchscreen, which makes reshaping your mine easy (and more accurate than manual methods).

Precision Data for Precision Planning

BenchManager Dozer records all your volumes, push distances, cycles, rehandle, and other essential dozing KPIs. This data integrates seamlessly with the other tools in the Wenco Mine Performance Suite for reporting, planning, and analytics on a whole new level.

Read our brochure to find out more about our high-precision dozer guidance and how it can improve the accuracy of roads and benches at your operation.

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