Decrease Wait Times

Excessive wait times while loading, dumping, and fueling all prove a strain on productivity. Wencomine can shrink these wait times by using operational data to automatically dispatch equipment to locations with the shortest queues. Dynamic Dispatch runs your site’s data on shovel locations, equipment speeds, loading times, and more through its fleet distribution algorithm. Then, it selects the ideal location to assign trucks for maximum productivity of both trucks and shovels. Equipment operates in a steady flow, rather than bunching together in queues waiting to load or, worse, leaving shovels hanging. This feature of Wencomine has proven to increase mine output at least 11% — without a single additional haul truck.

The system’s Fuel Dispatch and Activity Dispatch features apply a similar logic to the fueling and tie-down processes. The system calculates the optimal times and locations for hauling units to travel for fuel or to break for shift changes, meals, and other pauses in production. Wait times and inefficiencies decrease, as equipment follow data-driven assignments that prevent long queues and too many concurrent tie-downs. These simple improvements gained through Wencomine data take advantage of economies of scale to contribute hundreds of additional operating hours to mines each year.

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Optimize Payload Compliance

Better productivity begins with the Wencomine fleet management system. The real-time data gathered by this integrated set of applications optimizes many processes that occur in mines every day, including those that affect payload compliance — the most obvious way for mines to increase production output.

The system’s MDT and Fleet Control applications directly strengthen your site’s ability to load units within their target payload range. Throughout the loading process, both hauling and loading operators track the remaining tons-to-target on their equipment’s onboard touchscreens. Data synchronizes between units and your dispatcher, so everyone can respond correctly to the current payload. This constant connection and real-time feedback empowers mines to dial in their payloads so they always fall within target range — no additional room and no warranty-shattering overages.

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Decrease Equipment Downtime

When equipment goes down for maintenance, productivity can plummet — especially if that maintenance was unplanned. The Wenco Mine Performance Suite includes tools to keep your repair and upkeep from devastating your productivity, even predicting component failure and before it happens.

ReadyLine, the suite’s maintenance system, analyzes the precise condition of your equipment’s OEM components as they operate. The second it detects a change in performance, your maintenance crew knows to step in and make adjustments to keep productivity high. Equipment that requires urgent attention can divert to your maintenance bays, while units that remain acceptable can continue to operate. ReadyLine actually lets mines follow equipment condition over time, so you can predict component depreciation and failure long before it occurs — reducing downtime before it ever starts.

Similarly, the TireMax tire management system offers mines prediction and productivity gains by tracking tire condition. It can assess tire pressure and temperature as equipment operates, enabling early detection of potential tire failure. Dispatchers can then switch equipment approaching its maximum tire threshold to shorter haul routes, preserving productivity while relieving strain on costly tires.

When units do require maintenance, mine productivity depends on keeping that downtime as short as possible. The Mine Performance Suite’s Maintenance Monitor tracks your equipment downtime from the moment a problem occurs until the moment your units return to production. This data collection function can help reduce downtime and raise productivity itself, but its native integration with the Mine Performance Suite’s dispatching functions takes your productivity gains one step further. Using these applications together, your fleet management system can predict the second a down haul truck will become available and include it in its dispatching calculations. In this way, mines can take full advantage of every second of available uptime — even before units are back in production.

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Leverage Data for Smarter Decisions

All of these functions boost your mine’s productivity. Yet, the biggest productivity advantage of the Mine Performance Suite comes from its ability to use data for smarter decision-making throughout your entire enterprise.

Operational data becomes insight in Wenco Reporting. This application gives operators, dispatchers, managers, and other site personnel access to real-time mining data in context, displayed across easy-to-interpret charts and graphs. With this information, your team can respond in seconds to any issue dragging down productivity. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports show the effects of your decisions over time, giving you further information necessary for continuous productivity improvements.

Taking this power of data further, the Avoca mine intelligence system enables advanced analytics for stronger decision-making from the pit to the corporate head office. It aggregates data from the entire Mine Performance Suite and other technologies, including ERP systems, plant control systems, and tools used at other mining operations. This wider vision allows mines to discover data correlations never before possible, all in a point-and-click interface. Mining companies can identify a productivity issue in one area or at one operation, then examine data from all of their holdings to see if the issue persists. Every level of the mine – from the pit to the head office – can explore detailed information as deeply as necessary to make decisions that generate millions of dollars in enhanced productivity.

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