Reduce Wear to Extend Operational Life

Even the toughest mining equipment degrades over time. Rugged roads and rough environments steadily wear down your fleet, shortening its lifespan. Wenco’s high-precision machine guidance works to correct these conditions, so equipment undergoes less wear and tear and stays operational longer.

BenchManager Drill assists in improving fragmentation when blasting, loosening hard deposits that place strain on your equipment. By situating blastholes at precise depths and locations, machine guidance ensures that blasting results in material with appropriate density. Units can dig and doze this material easily, seeing less wear and tear in the process. BenchManager also adds high-precision capabilities to dozers and graders, improving their ability to create smooth roads and benches. These flat, even surfaces prove less strenuous for haul trucks to navigate, potentially adding weeks to their operational lifespan.

BenchManager High Precision Drill

Learn about how BenchManager High-Precision Drill can help you build to plan and improve fragmentation.

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BenchManager High-Precision Dozer

Learn more how BenchManager High-Precision Dozer can ensure you build to plan, reduce rework, and smooth surfaces for improved truck speeds and reduced tire impacts.

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Reduce Unplanned Maintenance

Unplanned downtime is 700% more costly than planned downtime. If a unit requires maintenance ahead of schedule, it creates chaos and sends costs skyrocketing. Fortunately, the Mine Performance Suite includes applications specifically designed to end unplanned maintenance and extend the life of your machine components.

TireMax enables early detection of changes in tire parameters, so you can prevent unexpected tire failures. The system assesses tire pressure, temperature, and work rate, then notifies you if they show signs of concern. Most mines only use 65% of their available tire lifespan, even though tires form one their largest operating costs. TireMax presents a simple way to extend the value you get from these underused components.

ReadyLine expands these maintenance prevention capabilities beyond tires to every machine component in your fleet. It detects early maintenance indicators, such as engine misfires or high oil pressures, that signal more serious issues coming soon. ReadyLine also integrates with analytics systems, such as the Avoca business intelligence suite, and IoT platforms like Hitachi’s Lumada. These integrations both broaden and deepen your data analysis, giving you even stronger prediction capabilities for extending equipment life.

mine haul truck down for unplanned maintenance

Video Roy Hill Discusses Asset Health and Data-Driven Decisions with Wenco

Roy Hill Demand Chain Manager Bruce King and Smart Maintenance Program Manager Paolo de Carolis discuss process improvements achieved by using Wenco's ReadyLine.

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Leverage predictive maintenance and monitoring to improve equipment lifespan and productivity.

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Get More Insight from Data for Smarter Planning

Of course, the most effective way to extend the life of your components starts outside the pit. Plans and priorities based on actionable intelligence mean your decisions keep equipment functioning longer. Thanks to its comprehensive integration of all your mining systems, the Wenco Mine Performance Suite grounds your decisions in data. Preventive maintenance then comes backed with factual certainty it will contribute to longer component life.

Wenco’s Avoca mine intelligence suite aggregates data from every system that affects your mine — fleet management, predictive maintenance, ERP, mine planning, and more. Access to this full scope of data in one location provides essential context for understanding patterns in equipment performance. This insight alone can inform decisions that lengthen equipment component life or even prevent catastrophic failures costing millions. Like ReadyLine, Avoca works in conjunction with leading-edge IoT solutions such as Hitachi Lumada. These integrations extend Avoca’s powers throughout an entire mining enterprise, for deeper understanding of factors affecting equipment life. This depth of analysis allows mining companies to forecast component failure and automate processes that keep units running longer.

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Leverage Expert Insights to Get More from Equipment

Predictive maintenance and proactive planning can transform a mine’s equipment life. Yet, busy operations rarely have the resources available to implement these approaches optimally. For these mines, Wenco offers professional services that ensure our customers get the improvements they need to succeed.

Wenco experts and certified service partners work with customers in a range of areas to extend equipment function. Our professional service packages can assist mines in the following areas that provide outsized gains in equipment life:

Planning optimization | Lean maintenance | Workflow and alarm processes | ISO 55000 readiness | Lumada/IoT integration | Asset health | Conditions monitoring | Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)

Through these services, mines gain the assistance they need to get their systems and processes working for the longest equipment life possible.

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