Heighten Situational Awareness

The onboard technology used in modern mining provides incredible gains, but it can occasionally prove distracting. Frequent alarms and notifications can divert operator attention from the complex task of running their equipment. This inattention can contribute to increased risk of safety issues.

Wenco has designed its technology to keep these distractions to a minimum. The MDT device that forms a core part of the Mine Performance Suite works to keep operator interactions low. As equipment carries out its tasks, the MDT switches its current status automatically. The system then uses this data to display the particular operating screen required to perform each activity effectively. Operators track their progress at a glance, conserving their attention for maneuvering along haul roads or loading material. Wenco’s open API actually allows other onboard technology to use this touchscreen as well, reducing the need for further displays and distractions.

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Gather Insights for Safer Operations

Better situational awareness and collision avoidance can obviously improve safety. Yet, rules and policies often have the greatest effect on real safety outcomes. The wealth of data collected by Wenco systems allows you to ground these policies in fact, ensuring superior safety throughout your entire operation.

The strongest safety insights come about when you aggregate all your mining data into the Avoca mine intelligence suite. This advanced analytics engine joins together data from all your mining systems — collision avoidance, fleet management, asset health, mine planning, and more. Connecting these systems’ data empowers you to explore correlations you never before considered, all through a point-and-click interface. In examining your data, you can easily discover a haul road intersection or a unique set of circumstances that provokes a high number of safety alerts. Mine managers and corporate executives then have real information to support new rules and policies that transform the safety record of your entire company.

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