Wenco Mine Performance Suite 6

The future of modern mining is here.

Improved situational awareness – actionable insights in real-time boost quality, productivity, and safety

A truly open & interoperable platform brings systems together like never before

Advanced data handling and user-friendly reporting integrated across all aspects of pit operations

The next step….

Wenco Mine Performance Suite Version 6 is the next step on our journey to help mines realize previously unrealized value. Wenco brings you closer to the future with revolutionary advancements to user interfaces, dispatch automation, and interoperability. This new version provides unrivaled opportunities to extract more value from data across your operation and gain even more performance every shift.

Powerful & Intuitive Dispatching

Integrated maps and dispatch screens allow dispatchers to view truck statuses, update routes, and adjust exclusion zones with a single click. Real-time dashboards show payload compliance, bucket-by-bucket hourly progress to target, and more.

True Interoperability Across Systems

Bring systems and mine data together to make better decisions that improve production and safety with less cost and complexity.

More Insight from Mine Data

Ask questions of data across your mine. Dig deep on cycle times, payloads, availability, quality, and more. Quickly connect factors affecting performance to make decisions with ease.

New powerful and intuitive interface

Gain full control over every truck, shovel, and auxiliary unit through a single, intuitive drag-and-drop interface. View maps and schematics in the same application, completely customizing your display as needed. Real-time dashboards show the steady progress of loading, hauling, and daily production targets.

Dispatch automation that goes further

Taking Wenco’s pioneering innovations in dispatch automation a step further, System 6 includes an overhauled interface that makes configuring automated dispatching even easier. Drag and drop trucks to shovels or dumps to redefine dispatch groups and optimize your production. New projection panels show production targets and current rates, providing a quick overview of daily progress.

More value and insight from mine data

Gather actionable insights from operations and maintenance data for more predictable performance

Expanded data exchange and interoperability across the Wenco suite – including machine guidance, collision avoidance, maintenance, and business intelligence offerings – empower customers to leverage their data to extract even more value from their mines. Ask questions of data from across your operation — wait times, cycle times, payload weights, availability, grade quality, and more. With that knowledge, make decisions that boost performance. The addition of ReadyLine preventive maintenance helps you take performance a step further – increasing equipment availability and decreasing unplanned downtime, costly failures, and component costs.

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For over 30 years, Wenco has created technology that helps raise mine performance. Our latest systems take that idea one step further. We’re moving beyond the pit, creating the next generation of technology set to change the future of mining.

Mines from these operators run simpler, smarter, and safer thanks to Wenco.

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