No surveying. No grade staking. No fuss.

The ore grade control made possible through BenchManager also comes without time-consuming surveys or grade staking. BenchManager works interoperably with your mine planning software, loading dig blocks directly into the system. Operators simply follow onscreen guidelines to cut and load the material you need. Real-time views of ore boundaries, toe and crest zones, and mined-out areas eliminate any guesswork in your excavation.

Ore Grade Control — Truck by Truck

BenchManager units cut with such accuracy, operators can control the mine’s material on a truck-by-truck level. With high-precision GNSS, each bucket of ore matches your blend requirements exactly. Now, your crusher, plant, and entire operation can run with greater efficiency.

Goodbye, Time-Wasting Surveys

Lengthy surveys and grade staking can waste hours of productive time. BenchManager gives operators the power to cut and fill to design — without all the fuss. Files loaded directly into the system appear on the onboard touchscreen, which makes accurate excavation simpler (and more accurate than manual methods).

Even More Accuracy with AGS

Hydraulic shovels gain even more precision with the Arm Geometry System. Sensors on your equipment’s cab, boom, stick, and bucket measure digging with centimetre-level precision. Operators position their buckets to extract even the smallest dig blocks, leaving behind waste and preserving your ore grade.

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Case Study: Controlling Ore Blending with High Precision

Learn how one mine used high-precision GNSS to control ore blending requirements in the Canadian oil sands.

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