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Boost your mine payloads and productivity

Exceeding productivity targets without increasing costs is hard work. New technology innovations make it easier for miners to boost productivity by identifying root causes of key issues and eliminating them with relative ease. Addressing issues from the top of the value chain — from drilling and blasting through loading and hauling — can add up to more compliant payloads and lower cost-per-ton.

Optimize Payload Compliance

Real Time Data

Better productivity begins with the Wenco fleet management system. The real-time data gathered by this integrated set of applications optimizes many processes that occur in mines every day, including those that affect payload compliance.

Track Tons-To-Target

The system’s MDT and Fleet Control applications directly strengthen your site’s ability to load units within their target payload range. Throughout the loading process, both hauling and loading operators track the remaining tons-to-target on their equipment’s onboard touchscreens.

Data Synchronization

Data synchronizes between units and your dispatcher, so everyone can respond correctly to the current payload. This constant connection and real-time feedback empowers mines to dial in their payloads so they always fall within target range — no additional room and no warranty-shattering overages

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Decrease Wait Times


  • Excessive wait times while loading, dumping, and fueling all prove a strain on productivity
  • Personnel lack the tools necessary to assess data and dispatch algorithmically


  • Run site data on shovel locations, equipment speeds, loading times and more with Dynamic Dispatch
  • Calculate the optimal time and location for units to fuel or break for shift change with Fuel and Activity Dispatch


  • Wencomine has been proven to increase output by at least 11% without any additional units
  • Wait times and inefficiencies decrease, as equipment follow data - driven assignments

Leverage Data for Smarter Decisions


Operational data becomes insight in Wenco Reporting. This application gives operators, dispatchers, managers, and other site personnel access to real-time mining data in context, displayed across easy-to-interpret charts and graphs. With this information, your team can respond in seconds to any issue dragging down productivity.

For Miners, By Miners

While other analytics systems struggle with mining data, Avoca works specifically with information that means the most to miners. Plot 100,000 GPS points at once without feeling the slightest drop in performance. Manipulate your data any way you choose and never worry about it disappearing for good.

Advanced Analytics

Enable advanced analytics for stronger decision-making from the pit to the corporate head office. Aggregate data from the entire Mine Performance Suite and other technologies, including ERP systems, plant control systems, and tools used at other mining operations.  A wider vision allows mines to discover data correlations never before possible, all in a point-and-click interface.

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Decrease Equipment Downtime


  • When equipment goes down for maintenance, productivity can plummet — especially if that maintenance was unplanned
  • When units require maintenance, mine productivity depends on keeping downtime as short as possible.


  • ReadyLine analyzes the precise condition of your equipment’s OEM components as they operate.
  • TireMax assesses tire pressure and temperature as equipment operates, enabling advanced decision making.


  • Switch units nearing maximum tire threshold to shorter routes, preserving productivity and relieving strain on costly tires.
  • Enable FMS to pinpoint when a down haul truck will become available and adjust dispatching calculations

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