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Home Safe Every Day

SmartCap provides a wearable technology that eliminates microsleeps. Eliminate fatigue-related incidents that cause injury, death, repair costs and lost production. Protecting operators from, and empowering staff to manage, fatigue-based events.

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SmartCap Fatigue Management

With minimal in-cab hardware, SmartCap offers proactive fatigue level monitoring, alerting the operator before a microsleep occurs, while tracking and analyzing larger trends.
Easy site-wide adoption. With just three steps, SmartCap, while extremely effective, is simple and easy to use.
Now fully integrated with Wencomine FMS. Reduce TCO and increase in-cab availability.
98.2% of SmartCap users have shown improvement in self-managed fatigue intervention.

Enhance on-site safety

Products that enable mine processes conducive to an environment of functional, risk minimizing safety. Wenco’s safety suite endeavors to support mining operations by maintaining clearance between people, equipment, objects, and the environment at all times.

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Basic Wenco safety features

Tires form one of mining’s biggest costs. Every blowout sends over $40,000 straight to the landfill.
Wenco’s tire management prevents blowouts by tracking pressure and temperature for early signs of tire strain.
Real-time data informs your truck assignments, stopping tire damage while keeping equipment in production.

Do More than Count Microsleeps. Eliminate Them.

The Only Proactive Fatigue Detection Solution Integrated into Wencomine FMS.

SmartCap assesses real-time operator fatigue levels and monitors for oncoming microsleeps that create safety hazards.
SmartCap offers industry-leading, proactive, fatigue monitoring, without the cost and complexity of additional in-vehicle hardware.
Cloud-assisted analytics that shows more than current alertness levels. SmartCap empowers miners to track and combat fatigue trends, and even detect underlying sleep problems.
Consistent fatigue monitoring detects microsleeps before they happen, preventing fatigue-related incidents entirely and eliminating potential hazards preemptively.

Simple and Easy to Use.

Three Steps to Use SmartCap.

Fit the LifeBand.
LifeBand uses state-of-the-art EEG technology to monitor brainwaves that determine alertness. Eliminate microsleeps with accurate fatigue measurements and alerts.
Track Fatigue.
Displayed in-cap or on Bluetooth devices, operators get real-time feedback. SmartCap provides preemptive alerts that allow operators to react to fatigue before it becomes a hazard.
Analyze the Collected Data.
Gather comprehensive fatigue and operational data for analysis and reporting. SmartCap provides sites with actionable data and insights on company-wide fatigue risk, and individual employee assistance.

SmartCap for Wencomine.

One Screen. One Vendor.

SmartCap is fully integrated with WencomineFMS, allowing customers to monitor fatigue and prevent microsleeps without usingan additional Bluetooth device or extra screen in-cab.
World-class Wenco customer support isprovided for multiple critical solutions. Reduce install times, hardware, vendors,and total cost of ownership (TCO).
All software updates to critical technologies FMS and Fatigue Management are integrated. Harnesses a streamlined, efficient updating process for the entire suite.

Self Managed Fatigue Data.

Privacy is a top priority. No personal data acquired by SmartCap and used during the data transmission process to the cloud-based servers is saved or used.
Zero incidents have been recorded at mine sites with SmartCap in use. SmartCap users have eliminated fatigue-related incidents, preventing the hazard before it occurs.
After prolonged use 98.2% of SmartCap users have shown improvement in effective self-management, completely preventing alarms from occurring.

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