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Wearable technology that
eliminates fatigue incidents.

SmartCap is the world’s most effective fatigue monitoring solution that provides real-time feedback, helping operators manage their alertness.

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SmartCap Fatigue Management

Measure fatigue risk in real-time to eliminate incidents including microsleeps, near-misses, serious injuries, and fatalities.

With capabilities ranging from risk management and targeted support to actionable data insights, SmartCap can eliminate fatigue incidents at your operation.

The SmartCap Solution

SmartCap uses world-leading technology to accurately measure microsleep risk, with no need for calibration.

Real-time Risk Management

SmartCap empowers operators to self-manage fatigue via early warning alerts and fatigue alarms.

Targeted Support

SmartCap helps identify risk-prone operators, providing operations with the insight needed to support their people.

Actionable Insights

SmartCap measures a broad spectrum of operator alertness, providing comprehensive data. Overlaid with operational practices, SmartCap identifies fatigue risk hotspots enabling actions that improve safety.

SmartCap for Wencomine

In addition to the standalone solution, SmartCap is integrated with Wencomine FMS., allowing customers to monitor fatigue and prevent microsleeps without using an additional screen in-cab.


Enhance on-site safety

Products that enable mine processes conducive to an environment of functional, risk minimizing safety. Wenco’s safety suite endeavors to support mining operations by maintaining clearance between people, equipment, objects, and the environment at all times.

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Basic Wenco safety features

Tires form one of mining’s biggest costs. Every blowout sends over $40,000 straight to the landfill.
Wenco’s tire management prevents blowouts by tracking pressure and temperature for early signs of tire strain.
Real-time data informs your truck assignments, stopping tire damage while keeping equipment in production.

The SmartCap Solution

Simple and easy to use.

The Wenco SmartCap fatigue monitoring solution is built around the LifeBand, a battery-powered wearable device that produces highly accurate measures of alertness and fatigue impairment by measuring EEG (electroencephalogram), more commonly known as ‘brainwaves’.
SmartCap informs its users of their real-time fatigue levels and provides visual and audible alerts and alarms via the LifeApp. This runs on most smart devices, including Wenco's purpose-built LifeDisplay suitable for all light and heavy-duty applications.
The real-time data produced by SmartCap is owned by the customer and hosted on the cloud. Our LifeHub management application allows custom configuration, reporting and monitoring to enable real-time actionable insights.

Real-time Risk Management

Empower operators to work safely.

Early warning alerts and fatigue alarms empower operators to manage their fatigue in real-time. When unable to self-manage, alarms can be escalated to the broader business for intervention, this capability allows all fatigue incidents to be actioned upon.

By providing real-time feedback in the form of audible and visual alerts, operators are provided early warnings. SmartCap customers have experienced improvements in safety immediately after deployment.
Regular interaction with SmartCap alerts results in operators learning what fatigue-intervention techniques work best for them. This leads to successful self-management of fatigue risk while operating.
Empowering operators to eliminate most risk associated with microsleeps limits the need for escalation, dramatically reducing the impact to production.

Targeted Support

Supporting operators from the cab to the office.

No one's fatigue risk profile is the same. Beyond real-time risk management, SmartCap provides businesses with the ability to identify which members of their team require additional support.
The Wenco Safety Solutions team provides a ready-made, scalable process designed to aide operators to identify the underlying causes of fatigue, guiding leaders to successfully support operators in managing these causes.

Actionable Insights

Identify all associated riskand unlock efficiency gains.

In addition to alerts for operators, all SmartCap fatigue data is centrally available within LifeHub, which can be accessed via any web browser. Reports can be generated providing actionable insights.
While monitoring fatigue, SmartCap captures GPS information within the mine site and public roads. This can help identify fatigue hotspots on site, the travel between sites, and regular commutes.
Based on fatigue data, existing SmartCap customers have used the SmartCap Data API to make operational improvements to reduce worker fatigue. These include updated road design, traffic signage, rostering, and task rotation.
By accurately capturing operator's before and after risk profiles, operations can measure the fatigue impact of any operational changes (rosters, task rotation) made.

SmartCap for Wencomine

Two leading solutions, one screen.

SmartCap is integrated with Wencomine FMS, allowing customers to monitor fatigue and prevent microsleeps without requiring an additional screen in-cab.
World-class Wenco customer support is provided for multiple solutions. With one vender, customers can reduce install times, hardware, suppliers, and total cost of ownership (TCO).
Software updates to the critical technologies of FMS and Fatigue Management have been integrated to achieve a streamlined, efficient updating process for the entire suite.

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