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Pioneering Open Autonomy in Mining

“We will champion the enabling of new entrants to autonomy. Customers should have the choice to use whatever vendor they desire while leveraging their existing infrastructure.”

Hideshi Fukumoto, CTO of Hitachi Construction Machinery, speaking at CIM 2019

The Benefits of Open Autonomy

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Avoid the costs of being locked into a closed autonomy model and In-pit technology for 15-20 years. Use your existing manned fleet infrastructure for your autonomous fleet.

Choose Vendors You Want

Leverage an Open Autonomy model that gives more ready access to adapting industry technologies, including electric trucks and satellite pits of small scale vehicles. The open autonomy platform is agnostic to OEM type and model, enabling clients to run the same software stack simultaneously across multiple vendors.

Harness Level 5 Autonomy

Capture the ROI potential of full autonomy with far reduced need for human intervention or operations restricted to autonomy-only zones, characteristics that define level 5 autonomy.

How Will We Do It?

Open Standards

Hitachi is championing open standards including the implementation of ISO 23725 — the standard that decouples autonomous fleet control from OEM systems and enables customers to use existing haul trucks, FMS, machine guidance, hardware, network and other infrastructure already in place.

An Autonomy Platform

The open systems platform provides the necessary FMS, spotting, mapping, traffic management, situational awareness, and controls to enable both traditional ultra class trucks and new entrants offering smaller or electrified trucks.

Powerful Partnerships

Wenco is partnering with Oxbotica and other autonomy vendors to create Global Mining Group defined Level 5 autonomy for any ISO 23725 and open Drive-by-Wire standard supporting OEM vendor.

Enabling the Future

Ecosystem of Partners

  • Wenco envisions an ecosystem of partners in Open Autonomy, giving mines access to best-of-breed solutions —from legacy manufacturers and new entrants to the industry. 

Auxiliary Extensibility

  • Partnering with other supporters of Open Autonomy to extend beyond AHS to other ancillary vehicles in pit operations.
  • Wenco and Oxbotica are working with customers to test autonomous light vehicles in mining operations

Integration Up and Downstream

  • Wenco is creating a digital platform for Hitachi and its ecosystem partners to deliver a Material Movement Automation System from pit to port, delivering economic, operational process, safety, transparency, and environmental benefits across mine operations. 

Why Wenco?

An Open Approach

As a flagship provider of fleet management systems and an industry visionary in open, interoperable operations, Wenco has both the industry expertise and the corporate backing to rethink the customer pain points of current autonomous haulage.

Partnership Orientation

Our vision mandates the engagement of best of breed solutions across mining technology and autonomy to break down the limited closed approach of current providers.


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