Drill to target — without surveying and marking

High-precision capabilities ensure you always drill to target, even without spending hours surveying and marking patterns. BenchManager Drill knows the exact GPS coordinates of every blasthole in your pattern. This data makes it simple to create straight or angled holes by navigating and drilling to the precise location and elevation — no surveying or drill marking needed.

Precise Drilling = Precise Fragmentation

Efficient mining begins with regular, even fragmentation. BenchManager Drill enables you to create blastholes exactly as intended, so your blasting results in regular fragmentation with minimal throw.

ROP Tracking for Improved Blast Plans

The instant your drill breaks ground, BenchManager Drill tracks its rate of penetration, depth to target, elapsed time, and other key parameters. This real-time data works to uncover hard areas and other geological features so you can adapt your blast plans accordingly.

Drill Data, Integrated

BenchManager Drill integrates with your other units and design software, synchronizing data across your entire suite of tools and technologies. All site personnel work from the same information, enabling greater efficiency and accuracy through the drill-and-blast process.

Read our brochure to find out more about our high-precision drill guidance and how it can improve the accuracy of drilling and blasting at your operation.

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