Assess position and elevation in seconds

Drilling, dozing, and digging need precise position data to stay effective. BenchManager Light Vehicle gets you that data faster. The system captures your mine’s as-built surface, then updates your design files to keep them accurate. This process happens automatically as light vehicles travel, eliminating time-consuming manual surveys.

Surveys, Fast and Accurate

BenchManager Light Vehicle logs survey points as you travel through site, checking slope and elevation against surface designs. In this way, you can confirm the accuracy of roads and benches in seconds.

Update Designs Automatically

BenchManager Light Vehicle stores the as-built surface of your mine while vehicles travel. Integration with your mine planning software means your design files update automatically. All equipment then works from an accurate position and elevation, every time.

Expansive Data Integration

BenchManager data integrates with every application in the Mine Performance Suite and beyond. Use its high-precision position and elevation data for enhanced accuracy in planning, drilling, excavating, road-building, data analysis, reporting, and more.

Read our brochure to find out more about our high-precision light vehicle and how it can quickly measure the terrain of your operation.

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