Helping you extract more value from your mine.

For over 30 years, Wenco has developed world class technology solutions to help mining companies increase productivity. Wenco offers a suite of mine productivity solutions including fleet management, asset health, collision avoidance, mining business analytics, and high-precision machine guidance.

Wenco works closely with customers to enable them to extract unrealized value from their operations and strives to be recognized as the industry leader for reliable solutions in mine safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Committed to an open systems philosophy, Wenco believes in empowering customers with the control and flexibility they need to openly integrate systems to better support their unique business processes, data access, and reporting needs.


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A Hitachi company since 2009, Wenco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Hitachi and Wenco: Long-term value through leadership in research and development

In the future, modern mines will extract more value and insight from their data. Systems will be more interoperable and deliver value beyond the pit, across operations. Combining 30 years of mine systems engineering and customer partnerships with Hitachi’s global leadership in systems research, data sciences, and IoT will help mines uncover even more value as they move towards a future with open interoperability, data intelligence, digitization, and autonomous haulage.

A Hitachi Company

Wenco is a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM). Hitachi mining excavators and haul trucks are one of the strongest brand names in the mining industry.

The current range of Hitachi hydraulic mining shovels/backhoes and Hitachi mining rigid frame dump trucks are backed by Hitachi’s most dynamic and responsive service and support network worldwide.

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To be recognized as the industry-leading partner for reliable solutions in safety, productivity, and efficiency through our mine performance suite.


Challenging our people to inspire our customers to extract unrealized value.


We listen first. (Customer Focus and Communication)

To build great solutions, we need to understand our customers, their problems, and their expectations. So, we ask thoughtful questions and pay attention to what they say. We strive to learn all we can about their businesses and their needs.

We speak clearly and honestly. (Honesty and Communication)

With customers and coworkers, we foster relationships by creating an environment of clear, honest, open communication.

We lead from within. (Leadership and Innovation)

Wenco started thanks to a natural spirit of initiative and we continue to succeed because of it. We each take responsibility for pushing ourselves to be better, to find new and original solutions to complex problems.

We look for opportunities to innovate. (Innovation and Quality)

We strive to continuously improve our processes and solutions, taking calculated risks to make them more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

We aim for customer enthusiasm, not customer satisfaction. (Customer Focus and Commitment)

Nothing can compete with exceeding customer expectations. We make extra effort to ensure that anyone who uses Wenco solutions would never use anything else.


Offices & Operations

Wenco’s international headquarters is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and regional staff are located in the United States, Chile, South Africa, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Russia, India, and Australia. This extensive global presence gives Wenco the ability to build strong client relationships and provide the highest levels of customer service.

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