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Engineers and accountants, developers and data analysts, sales managers and support technicians — all our people contribute to moving the mining industry forward. As Wenco builds the next generation of technology — IoT, data analytics, autonomous machines, and more — we need a wide range of professionals to help us in our mission. As part of the Hitachi family, Wenco gives you unparalleled opportunities to expand your skills, your professional network, and your career. Curious about bringing your career to Wenco? We’re looking for a diverse team that listens carefully, then uses their insights to devise incredible solutions for real-world problems. Sound like you? Explore our current openings below to find your place with us. We offer… Competitive Compensation Extensive Benefits Profit Sharing Continuous Training and Development Community Involvement A Great Workspace

Innovation Lives Here

Wenco is committed to building the next generation of mining technology. Every day, our teams collaborate on Big Data systems, IoT, autonomous machines, and other leading-edge solutions changing the future of heavy industry.

A Growing Organization

As a Hitachi group company seeing strong interest from key industrial customers, Wenco is growing rapidly. We need top talent now and in the near future to continue expanding on our mission.

A New Challenge

Redefining the way our industry works is a tough but rewarding challenge. Our team regularly engages with tasks that require their unique creativity, ingenuity, and dedication to overcome. This depth of engagement is why 91% of employees rate Wenco a great place to work.

‘91.1% of employees recommend Wenco as a great place to work.’

—Annual Hitachi Insight Survey

Our Values

We listen first. (Customer Focus and Communication)

To build great solutions, we need to understand our customers, their problems, and their expectations. So, we ask thoughtful questions and pay attention to what they say. We strive to learn all we can about their businesses and their needs.

We speak clearly and honestly. (Honesty and Communication)

With customers and coworkers, we foster relationships by creating an environment of clear, honest, open communication.

We lead from within. (Leadership and Innovation)

Wenco started thanks to a natural spirit of initiative and we continue to succeed because of it. We each take responsibility for pushing ourselves to be better, to find new and original solutions to complex problems.

We look for opportunities to innovate. (Innovation and Quality)

We strive to continuously improve our processes and solutions, taking calculated risks to make them more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

We aim for customer enthusiasm, not customer satisfaction. (Customer Focus and Commitment)

Nothing can compete with exceeding customer expectations. We make extra effort to ensure that anyone who uses Wenco solutions would never use anything else.

Our Commitment to Diversity

As a leader in mining technology, Wenco believes in creating an organization that values, includes, and empowers all of our diverse employees. Therefore, we embrace and celebrate our team’s differences in age, colour, ethnicity, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, disability, political affiliation, or other characteristics that make them unique. We are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace that allows the very best ideas and talent to flourish irrespective of these differences.

Wenco Staff Photo 2018

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Wenco, we’re committed to building a brighter future for the mining industry. Through the advances in data technology we provide, mines around the world are able to operate with greater efficiency and sustainability. These gains not only raise our customers’ productivity, but contribute to their progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving other environmental conditions. Beyond our solutions, we believe that our responsibility as good corporate citizens extends into our communities. We strive to deepen our community bonds through sponsorships, employee-directed programs, food drives, holiday gifts, blood drives, and more. To learn more about our corporate policies and programs, please review our corporate social responsibility page.

Wenco rides the Big Bike

Current Openings

Office Manager — Vancouver, Canada

Strategic Marketing Analyst — Vancouver, Canada

System Quality Engineer — Vancouver, Canada

Senior Software Engineer C# — Vancouver, Canada

Team Lead — Software Engineering (1 Position) — Vancouver, Canada

Technical Lead — Software Development — Vancouver, Canada

Technical Writer — Vancouver, Canada

Embedded Software Engineer — Brisbane, Australia

Automation Test Analyst — Brisbane, Australia

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