Discover the e-learning advantage for mining at CIM 2017!

May 1, 2017

RICHMOND, BC, CANADA (May 1, 2017) — Wondering how e-learning can help the mining industry? Be sure to attend our presentation about it at the CIM 2017 Convention happening now in Montreal, Quebec.

On Tuesday, May 2, our own Leonardo Avila will discuss findings from our recent paper Knowledge Transfer at Mines: How E-Learning Technology Can Ease the Burden. The paper identifies several issues that affect training in the mining industry and proposes online learning as an option to address them. Read the abstract below.

Knowledge management is a growing concern for mining and other heavy industries. Many operations in these fields subsist through ad hoc decisions and institutional knowledge held by experienced personnel. However, these fields also see significant turnover as personnel retire, advance into senior roles, or migrate to other sites and operations. An aging workforce only compounds this issue. This regular turnover contributes to the vulnerability of institutional knowledge and may reduce the efficacy of these operations as a whole. As a result, facilitating the transfer of knowledge presents a major challenge for mining operations and their human resource departments. This paper demonstrates the potential for technological solutions — in particular, e-learning software — to mitigate the impact of personnel changes in mining. It shows how e-learning creates knowledge redundancy, eases knowledge transfer, and contributes to a continuity of institutional information as junior personnel move into key roles at mines.

The CIM 2017 Convention offers a unique opportunity to hear behind-the-scenes details of R&D going into our mining technology solutions, such as Wenco Learning. Stop by Room 513C of the Palais de Congrès at 8:30 am to check out the presentation and connect with our team.

For more information, contact us at or 604.270.8277.

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