Fuel Dispatch can extend time between fueling over 30%

July 29, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (July 29, 2015) — A Wenco client site in Alberta, Canada, has seen exceptional results while using Fuel Dispatch.

Since January, a key operator in the Canadian oil sands has experimented with Wenco Fuel Dispatch, the automated fuel dispatching add-on to the Wencomine fleet management system. In that time, the site has extended its time between fueling sessions over 30% on average. At the same time, the mine has also experienced improved production by reducing the attention needed for fueling.

Image promoting Fuel Dispatch

Before implementing Fuel Dispatch, the mine typically averaged 10 to 12 hours between fueling sessions for its fleet of Caterpillar 797 and Komatsu 930E haul trucks. Since using Fuel Dispatch, those figures have increased dramatically. Now, the site averages 16 hours between fueling sessions. In effect, the mine has gained roughly one week of production per truck — every year.

Fuel presents one of the biggest costs in mining, running millions of dollars each month. In addition to the cost of fuel, slower production due to inefficient fueling loses millions more every year. By gaining a few hours of uptime through streamlining a regular practice, like fueling, a mine site can see exceptional cost savings — this year and every year after.

This mine's experience running Fuel Dispatch was presented in a white paper at the Haulage and Loading 2015 exhibition and conference. To find out more about this experience and the benefits available through Fuel Dispatch, read the white paper now.

Questions about automated fueling? Contact us at 604-270-8277 or at info@wencomine.com.

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