Local expertise lands Wenco FMS contract for Whitehaven Coal mine in Australia

October 3, 2014

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (August 7, 2014) — On-the-ground service in Australia has netted Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. the contract to provide the fleet management system for Whitehaven Coal's new operation in New South Wales.

Currently under construction, the Maules Creek Project broke ground in January. One of the last major undeveloped coal deposits in the region, the project is authorized to extract up to 13 Mt of coal a year. With a potential 382 Mt of recoverable coal available, the project is set to last over 25 years.

Aerial image of Maules Creek
Photo: Leard State Forest

To reduce capital, operating, and maintenance costs during that time, Whitehaven Coal will install the Wencomine fleet management system on all vehicles at Maules Creek. The core system will provide real-time data about operations and maintenance, letting mine personnel boost the productivity and reliability of their equipment.

Along with the core system, the project will also use Wenco's Maintenance Monitor, MobileST and other dispatching applications, and the BenchManager high-precision dozer and shovel system.

After considering several providers, Whitehaven Coal chose Wenco because of the support offered by its office in nearby Brisbane and its local parts holdings through Hitachi Australia. Wenco's system also won out thanks to its easy integration with OEM and third-party systems.

"We're excited to be in business with Whitehaven Coal," said Rod Tayler, Sales Manager-Wenco. "They play an important role in Australia's mining industry and we look forward to getting on board with them."

To find out more about Wenco International Mining Systems or to talk to a representative, contact:

Rod Tayler, Sales Manager-Wenco

+ 61 439 708 804 | rtayler@wencomine.com

About Wenco International Mining Systems

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