Tata Steel's Joda East Iron Mine Revolutionizes Operations with Wencomine FMS

October 18, 2018

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (October 18, 2018) — Wenco International Mining Systems is excited to announce that Tata Steel's Joda East Iron Mine (JEIM) has achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing our Wencomine Fleet Management System (FMS).

By leveraging our FMS capabilities such as real-time fleet control, dynamic dispatch and fuel dispatch, JEIM has experienced unprecedented improvements in operational efficiency, productivity, operator safety and sustainability. The mine site is also seeing a notable boost in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by maximizing the actionable insights received from the data analytics produced by our suite of data management and reporting solutions.

Wenco's successful deployment of Wencomine FMS at Joda East Iron Mine provided valued to their operations and contributed to Tata Steel's commitment to innovation, safety and operational excellence.

Watch the video to discover how the ore mines & quarries division of Tata Steel has been using Wenco solutions: Tata Steel and the Integrated Digital Mine | Wenco International Mining Systems (wencomine.com)

Tata Steel is among the top global steel companies with an annual crude steel capacity of 35 million tonnes per annum. A Great Place to Work-CertifiedTM organization, Tata Steel Limited, together with its subsidiaries, associated, and joint ventures, is one of the world's most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations and commercial presence across 5 continents. The company has been on multi-year digital-enabled business transformation journey intending to be the leader in 'Digital Steel making by 2025'. They have announced their major sustainability objectives including Net Zero Carbon by 2045.

To learn more about Wencomine FMS, please visit Fleet Managment System (FMS) | Wenco International Mining Systems or contact us at info@wencomine.com.

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For over 30 years, Wenco International Mining Systems has worked with mining companies to extract unrealized value. Under this mission, Wenco has developed an integrated suite of solutions to support the digital transformation of the mining industry. Fleet management, asset health, data analytics, and other technologies join together in the spirit of open interoperability and scalability to raise mine productivity and efficiency, lower routine costs, and establish a safe and smooth mining operation.

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