Third Chilean Copper Mine for Wenco

May 3, 2012

RICHMOND, BC, CANADA (May 2012) - Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. is proud to announce the completion of the sale of their Fleet Management System (FMS) to the Sierra Gorda Copper Mine in Chile.

Serving a fleet of 107 pieces of equipment including haul trucks, shovels and auxiliary units, and including the installation of 4 high-precision (HP) BenchManager units for shovels and more HP scheduled for future installation, Wenco will be interfacing with the WiMax communication system already in place at the mine.

The Wenco system can operate with any IP-based communications system. When a mine site's needs change Wenco's onboard hardware can adapt to any new communications system with a simple swap of the onboard radio card.

"Our system is built on standard IP-based communications, allowing it to be extremely flexible and operate on any IP-based wireless network," says Wenco's Director of Business Development, Jason Clarke. "That flexibility is enhanced by the ability of our onboard computer to operate as a hub on the wireless network, allowing third party data to be seamlessly moved from mine machinery back to the office. This reduces the amount of onboard computing hardware that mines need to purchase and maintain. The Wenco Octagon computer, current and future generations, are based on open standards and are designed to keep the mine connected."

The Sierra Gorda site is Wenco's third FMS installation in five years in Chile along with Teck's Quebrada Blanca and Carmen de Andecollo in early 2011. Owned by KGMH International (formerly Quadra FNX Mining Ltd.), Sierra Gorda is located in the Antofagasta region in north-western Chile.

About Wenco International Mining Systems

For over 30 years, Wenco International Mining Systems has worked with mining companies to extract unrealized value. Under this mission, Wenco has developed an integrated suite of solutions to support the digital transformation of the mining industry. Fleet management, asset health, data analytics, and other technologies join together in the spirit of open interoperability and scalability to raise mine productivity and efficiency, lower routine costs, and establish a safe and smooth mining operation.

Wenco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.