Wenco International Mining Systems informs customers and other interested parties of a change in the supplier of its Trax line of ruggedized computer hardware

April 1, 2019

RICHMOND, BC, CANADA (June 18, 2018) — Wenco International Mining Systems wants to inform customers and other interested parties of a change in the supplier of its Trax line of ruggedized computer hardware.

Octagon Systems, manufacturers of the Trax line of quality industrial computer equipment used in many Wenco solutions, will cease operations in July 2018. Since learning of this information, Wenco has worked closely with Octagon CEO John McKown and his staff to make the transition as seamless as possible for all parties affected.

Since February, Wenco has amassed a large inventory of current Trax units to ensure no supply-chain disruptions will affect the business of Wenco or its customers. In April, Canadian electronics manufacturers J-Squared Technologies purchased the intellectual property for the Trax units from Octagon. Plans to commence manufacturing of Trax units at the company's facilities in Mississauga, Ontario are currently underway. Due to this inventory stockpile and a new domestic hardware supplier, lead times for delivery of Trax units will actually shorten considerably over the next several months.

As the largest customers of Trax units, Wenco has worked closely with both Octagon and J-Squared to ensure this transition exerts no negative impact on business continuity. Dealings between Wenco and J-Squared follow the identical terms of the previous agreement with Octagon. Customers ought to experience no consequent impact to their hardware, other system components, or level of service delivered from Wenco.

"I have every expectation that J-Squared, being a much larger business, will be able to considerably shorten the delivery time of Trax units to Wenco for our customers," says Andrew Pyne, president and CEO of Wenco. "I'm looking forward to a lengthy partnership with J-Squared and to continuing to provide the excellent durability and functionality we've seen with Octagon Systems."

For more information about Trax units, Wenco solutions, or hardware shipments and delivery, please contact us at info@wencomine.com or 604.270.8277.

About Wenco International Mining Systems

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