Wenco on Open Autonomy, Fleet Management and Right-Sized Trucks

April 25, 2024

Posted by Paul Moore on 25th April 2024

Andrew Pyne, Wenco's President and CEO, discussed open autonomy, fleet management system and right-sized trucks at Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) MINEXCHANGE in February 2024.

Andrew states that "the mining industry is facing challenging market dynamics – ESG obligations and ambitions, workforce constraints, access to capital and marrying increased costs with pressure to up productivity."

'Innovation in the mining business model is not optional. Emerging technologies are addressing challenges so that miners can plan in advance and accelerate operational benefit. Open autonomy is a keystone in innovation and an industry-based initiative focusing on creating new value-based haulage models. Open Autonomy systems and a convergence with electrification initiatives are enabling a growing trend in mining toward the use of smaller, more versatile autonomous haul trucks to tackle mining challenges.'

He also shared some existing open autonomy projects that our interoperable Wencomine FMS is a part of:

  • Rio Tinto’s right-sized autonomous truck project along with Scania Group
  • Roy Hill's mixed HME equipment autonomous fleet adopted by ASI Mining's Mobius platform.

"Our company vision is ‘reshaping the future of mining’ and with the right partners from the technology sector and collaborative innovative miners, we are on the right path to achieving that,” Andrew concludes.

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About Wenco International Mining Systems

For over 30 years, Wenco International Mining Systems has worked with mining companies to extract unrealized value. Under this mission, Wenco has developed an integrated suite of solutions to support the digital transformation of the mining industry. Fleet management, asset health, data analytics, and other technologies join together in the spirit of open interoperability and scalability to raise mine productivity and efficiency, lower routine costs, and establish a safe and smooth mining operation.

Wenco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.