Wenco's SmartCap Fatigue Management System at Torex Gold ELG Mine Complex

January 9, 2024

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (May 10, 2022) — Wenco International Mining Systems is pleased to announce our successful rollout of the Fatigue Management System SmartCap at Torex Gold’s El Limón Guajes (“ELG”) Mine Complex in Mexico.

The ELG Complex is comprised of El Limón, Guajes and El Limón Sur open pits, El Limón Guajes Underground Mine (including zones referred to as Sub-Sill, El Limón Deep, Sub-Sill South, and El Limón Sur Deep), roughly 260 km from Mexico City. ELG is a gold mine that processes roughly 13,000 tonnes per day.

Torex Gold has acquired the Wenco SmartCap Fatigue Management System to improve site-wide safety and ensure operator wellbeing. The full SmartCap safety solution – including the LifeBand, LifeDisplay screen and LifeHub cloud-based communication and analytics suite – has been fully deployed to the entire open-pit fleet which comprises of all mining mobile equipment and ancillary vehicles. Thanks to the SmartCap system, operators are getting real-time fatigue monitoring, alerting operators to their risk of microsleeps, while tracking greater fatigue-related trends.

“Torex always thinks about its people, and always contributes, ensuring that a person, from the moment they arrive at work until they return home.” states Hugo Castaneda, Torex Gold Health Superintendent.

In addition to providing operators with fatigue warnings, and consistent monitoring, SmartCap is also providing site health professionals with critical fatigue data and health-related insight on staff. Before SmartCap, Torex Gold had no quantifiable way to track or manage the fatigue of their operators.

“We’ve always had a great relationship with Torex Gold, it’s exciting to get this technology rolled out into this mine,” Omar Jimenez, Wenco Sales Manager, remarks. “Torex Gold is a large and expanding operation – success with this major customer demonstrates Wenco’s capability and commitment to provide continued support as Torex Gold expands their project into their underground operations.”

To learn more about the Wenco SmartCap Fatigue Management Solution, please visit: Mining Fleet | Safety | Safer Operations or contact us at info@wencomine.com.

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