Well, we made it. 30 challenging, remarkable, adventurous, crazy years. We can't really say we're surprised we've lasted this long, though. That's what happens when a company continues to innovate day after day.

Innovation, innovation everywhere

In light of this achievement, we thought it would be fitting to show off one of our many wonderful employees. Linton Gormley, our Senior Technical Support Analyst, has been with us for 10 years. He has much to say about his time at Wenco:

Myself (and others) have had many an opportunity to fly off, however, the reasons for staying loyal are as follows: The love.

I positively love working for Wenco.

Linton Gormley, Wenco Client Services

The people — Most companies have one or several people you just loathe that make you want to stay home. However the people at Wenco are fantastic. Everyone has quirks and so do I. However we still get along like one big family despite our differences.

The industry — When the mining industry is bad, it's good for us (customers want efficiency). When the industry is good, it's good for us (customers want to buy). Job security is really great if you are a team player. The system is very specialized, it's not something you can just walk in and do.

The company — No authoritarian Fort Knox-like management style;  Wenco's relaxed atmosphere and environment of trust brings out the best in its people while everyone remains sincerely serious and focused about the objectives and goals. Visitors to HQ sometimes remark that the company reminds them of Google; an environment with a modern work ethic, which is something I would agree with.

The technology — The technology is amazing. The things we do are amazing. It's always evolving and you're not caught up doing the same things over and over again. At sites, customers are in awe when you walk in, upgrade an entire system, which is managing millions of dollars while also upgrading all the client and field equipment at the same time, and it all just works without impacting production. It boggles their minds. Customers see you and your team with a lot of respect and this humbles one as I came from humble beginnings. Customers can sense when something is just a job or from one's heart.

The travel — Wenco has given me the opportunity to see the whole world. It's been utterly amazing. Often, when I'm looking down while flying , I still think I'm dreaming, the feeling never goes away. I take none of this for granted.

The management — Wenco has always had an open-door policy with approachable management. CEOs and presidents are very well respected. It shows confidence and strength.

Lastly, it's loyalty. Wenco brought me over and made my dreams come true.

Employees like Linton are what keep Wenco's continuance of innovation and success going. Our stellar employees are a key part of what makes Wenco amazing.In other news, Wenco has launched their official Instagram page. Follow us @wencomine.